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MPDigital is developing cross-media publishing systems in cooperation with our customers since 1997.

Currently many of our customers are successfully using the ConneX Suite, in full or just some of its’ modules. Exceedingly positive feedback and many helpful suggestions always encourage us to steadily advance the ConneX Suite. Needless to say we consider todays’ modern software development requirements, partially regarding the software architecture but particularly the look, feel and usability which is expected of modern software by users.

This laid the groundwork for the next software generation. Today, the CX30 TOOLBOX offers a range of tools which can be directly used to meet the requirements of modern product communication. Additionally we took special care of functionality, modularity and usability.

The CX30 TOOLBOX sets a new bar for easy and effective product communication!


The CX30 TOOLBOX’s benefits and advantages

The made-to-measure software solutions for your print publishing

Take advantage of the CX30 TOOLBOX:

  • ease of use
  • supporting editors and wizards
  • integration of existing systems
  • processing from a single data source
  • no additional error sources
  • always up to date data
  • simple translation procedure
  • solutions for structured and designed catalogues
  • cost-efficient production routes
  • global presence in every languages
  • Full-Service

For further advantages and application recommendations please refer to the individual CX30 tools’ descriptions.

Pool knowledge - reduce costs!

The CX30 product family offers centralization of your product information’s data management needs, where applicable. Hence adding to their reuse- and manageability.

All participants are working in a single database, coordinated by an extensive rights management system.

  • The data exchange with external systems (ERP Systems, ERP, PIM, ...)
  • The data management of the marketing texts by the department
  • The supply of pictures by your agency
  • The translation of contents by your sites or translation agencies
  • The compilation of content for your catalogues, brochures or shops
  • The allocation of product information for your employees, customers or prospective parties

  • That is in your hands now. You will be able to centrally manage your production line tailored to your needs. Crossmedial and target group appropriate.
Making produkt communikation easy - PIM, DAM, Crossmedia, Multichannel, eCommerce with the CX30 TOOLBOX software


MPDigital developes customized software and services for enterprise-wide product information systems and cross-media publishing since 1997.

Since we challenge ourselve to stay one step ahaed and grow, we - as software developers and media service providers - will meet new technologies and growing demands from our customers head on.

Small and midsized businesses suitable PIM, DAM, CrossMedia, Multichannel and eCommerce Software



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