CX30 CrossMedia Publishing

Create easily print- and electronic catalogues, websites and shops

Prepare and design catalogues media appropriatly

Down for anything

You already have a product data management system and want to keep usind it? By using an interface, the CX30 Catalog Manager can be filled with data from virtually any system. This enables you to keep using your existing system, while the CX30 Catalog Manager takes over the catalog generation.

Simple data maintenance

You build your catalogs systematically, step by step in a clearly arranged environment. Depending on the involved plug-ins, you may easily mix highly structured pages with freely layoutable pages. Additionally to crafted content directories you may create an index for your catalogs. If you take full advantage of the CX30 TOOLBOX, you may insert purely promotional pages or modules from the CX30 AdManager. The CX30 TOOLBOX coordinates the sharing of data from different sources.

Only the necessities

The CX30 Catalog Manager ships with different plug-ins. Without plug-ins you may build catalogues and other publications as structures, hence creating output in the CSV or BMEcat formats. This is the optimal solution if you want to publicise your catalogues in electronic form only. The production of printed catalogs requires at least one of the plug-ins either CatalogPlotter or Catalog Designer.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Simply compile catalogs
  • Duplicate and change Catalogs
  • Simply switch Images and texts on and off
  • Announce a target group and gain a pre-selection of the correpsonding texts and images
  • Set a release date to filter the product information
  • If the catalog has already been passed to the DTP program, update it’s information (eg. B. Price Update)
  • Runtime control of catalogues and the objects used in them
  • A clear hierarchy for your catalogue structure
  • Easy data maintenance using drag & drop
  • Favorites list for frequently used objects
  • Export in BMEcat or CSV format
  • Integration of purely promotional pages from the CX30 AdManager
  • Existing product information management systems can be connected
  • Plug ins individually upgradeable
Cross·Media·and Multi Channel Publishing with the CX30 TOOLBOX


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