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The hardSoftware development and sales company mbH, the IT service provider in the Ruhr Area, based in Bochum Wattenscheid provides hardware, software, networking, security and communication technology


proficl@ss International e.V. ist eine branchenübergreifende, unabhängige und neutrale Initiative zur Klassifizierung von Produktdaten. Hersteller, Handel und Verbände erarbeiten diese Klassifikation als gemeinsamen Branchenstandard. Speziell auf den Produktionsverbindungshandel mit den Branchen Bauen, Haustechnik und Industriebedarf ausgerichtet, soll er dafür sorgen, dass sich Bekanntheit und Nutzung weiter verbreiten.

MPDigital ist seit 2003 Mitglied bei proficl@ss.


Droullier Consulting based in Wuppertal is the business and IT consultancy focused on small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs, freelancers and entrepreneurs. The main consulting fields are organization, IT, sales, marketing, human resources planning and development.

mittelstandswissen_logo, an IT specialized information portal for SMEs and service providers. An editorial, which is supported by the specialist publishing trade journal, and publishes advice for compact management decision makers weekly.


Department of Mechanical Engineering and computer science (ITM) at the Ruhr-University Bochum, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Abramovici


For more than 25 years the D&G Software GmbH, which is based in Waldbronn near Karlsruhe, is the market leader for professional mail order software solutions. Using the D&G-mail-system VS / 4 senders of any sizes may manage their entire process efficiently and cost-savingly. Regardless of the variant of distribution - catalogue, store, internet shop or mobile devices - the VS / 4 supports all classic tasks of the shipping trade from address management till receiving payment.


West Münsterländer Center for Information Systems in SMEs at the FH Gelsenkirchen


"Die kleine Bleilaus" opposes the trend to produce ever more prints in larger editions using the craftsmanship of the old world. The ambition to create the best quality possible takes utmost priority.


MPDigital developes customized software and services for enterprise-wide product information systems and cross-media publishing since 1997.

Since we challenge ourselve to stay one step ahaed and grow, we - as software developers and media service providers - will meet new technologies and growing demands from our customers head on.

Small and midsized businesses suitable PIM, DAM, CrossMedia, Multichannel and eCommerce Software



MPDigital GmbH

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44867 Bochum


Telefon: +49 2327 307-321

Telefax: +49 2327 307-307

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