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We have collected experience in supporting marketing and sales for many years.

A key component is the development of software tools, which allow modern and efficient product communication. A relationship based on trust with our customers, the insights into various processes, sometimes the implementation of very individual needs as well as the jointly developed and achieved goals, have forged us into a specialist for catalog management.

Our expertise in print publishing and the associated related matters is obviously reflected in our business segments.

The CX30 tools and services

  • are configured or extended precisely to match the requirement
  • facilitate rapid results and reliable ROI’s
  • are particularly easily planned and calculated (gradual build-up)
  • always cost only what you really need (minimum principle for TCO)
  • are based - investment and future proof - on proven industry standards
  • use state-of-the-art technologies to enable user-friendly operating concepts
  • are already working as separate tools in smaller environments
  • implement comprehensive enterprise applications with well-defined workflows and access rights for any number of users worldwide


MPDigital developes customized software and services for enterprise-wide product information systems and cross-media publishing since 1997.

Since we challenge ourselve to stay one step ahaed and grow, we - as software developers and media service providers - will meet new technologies and growing demands from our customers head on.

Small and midsized businesses suitable PIM, DAM, CrossMedia, Multichannel and eCommerce Software



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