Customer benefit, partnership, reliableness and aim-orientation

Our work is centered around the customer - you. Consistent implementation and integration of standards guarantees a high level of quality for you and us.

Cooperative handling coupled with conceptual thinking and pragmatism, is the guarantee for our mutual success.

• Our customers benefit is our top priority

• Partnership is the foundation of mutual success

• Conceptual thinking and pragmatic action

• Setting and integrating standards

• High level of quality



Our task is developing database applications, that solve specific problems in integration, editing, management and distribution of information with a specific quality. Especially manufacturing and trading companies use our publishing solutions to manage their product information faster, more reliably and ultimately cheaper. For every task that is associated with our software, we offer customers support service packages.


Our professional values ​​are based on the belief that entrepreneurial success starts with the individual. We consider loyalty, commitment and identification prerequisites for performance and productivity. Hence we strive for a comprehensive, uplifting and jointly supported corporate culture, which allows highly motivated employees to look for the right direction. Enthusiasm for and pride in the company spark the corporate passion, that ignites others hearts.

A corporate culture that is characterized by a cooperative behavior, forms the basis for a positive in-house working environment and is an important prerequisite for the economic success of a company. Tolerance and equal opportunities are basic features of a good working environment.


MPDigital developes customized software and services for enterprise-wide product information systems and cross-media publishing since 1997.

Since we challenge ourselve to stay one step ahaed and grow, we - as software developers and media service providers - will meet new technologies and growing demands from our customers head on.

Small and midsized businesses suitable PIM, DAM, CrossMedia, Multichannel and eCommerce Software



MPDigital GmbH

Kantstraße 5-13

44867 Bochum


Telefon: +49 2327 307-321

Telefax: +49 2327 307-307

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